Boost Your Metabolism in Just 7 Days.
And, do it without pills, giving up carbs, counting calories, tracking your food or feeling deprived.
And, do it without giving up carbs, counting calories, tracking your food or feeling deprived.

Hey!  I'm Carrie...a mom, wife, professional educator and certified nutrition coach.  

I'm 46 and my metabolism was slow. as. molasses. 

But once I realized that my years of dieting was what caused it and even as I was getting older, I could still rev it up? 
I was ALL IN.

That's me, this summer, at 46 years old....eating carbs and drinking wine :-)

"When I learned I could actually change the speed of my metabolism, I was skeptical.
But now I realize it's true!!"

-Michelle K., California

Have You Tried Every Diet Out There?

You have tried every diet in the book? The one where you cut carbs or reduce fat? The one where you counted the points? The one where you fasted or cleansed or juiced? Or how about the one where you wore a small talisman and chanted phrases in the dark of the night? Well, maybe not that last one... but you get the picture!  

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked for the long haul, did it? And what’s worse? Each time you ultimately surrendered to the truth that the latest fad diet was NOT something you could sustain, you put the weight back on… and then some. 

 Over time you felt nothing but frustration. You felt like you failed because you just didn’t have enough willpower to make it work. But, really, it wasn’t you.

Whether you are a...
  • A person who has just always struggled to maintain your weight 
  • ​A new mom struggling to lose the baby weight
  • A not-so-new mom who either never found the time to drop the baby weight OR dropped it (maybe more than once) but could not keep it off
  • ​A person who always had an easy time managing your weight, but suddenly as the years ticked by, have come to find that it is becoming harder to stay healthy and fit
  • ​A person who feels tired, lethargic, unfocused, or sick more often than not
  • ​A person who wants to live a healthier, happier, longer life!

...let's get your metabolism boosting and ditch the diet FOREVER!

At Disruptive Nutrition, it is about so much MORE than the scale. It is all about fueling your body for overall health, mentally, emotionally, and physically… and your pants fitting better? That’s just the icing on the cake! We are on a mission to disrupt the idea that you EVER have to diet again, that you have to deprive yourself to reach your goals, and that your value is in the number on the scale! 

We are going to tell you JUST how our program will get you started reprogramming your body for optimum health inside AND out!

7 Days to a Boosted Metabolism

Yes!  You CAN change your metabolism.  It's not just something you have to "live with."

At Disruptive Nutrition, we love to disrupt what people THINK they know about nutrition.

The thing is....all those trendy diets you have tried???  Cutting calories, and carbs?  Eating low fat?  Fasting?  Keto?

The truth is, they are designed to fail...but even worse, do long term damage.  That's right...anything that deprives our bodies, that allows us to lose weight fast but only to gain it all back...will cause our bodies to adapt by slowing down our metabolism.

Yep.  All those diets?  They have actually made you unhealthy, overweight and a metabolism that is barely crawling.

7 Days Towards a Boosted Metabolism Online Course and Meal Plan!

By the end of this program, 
You will have…

  • An understanding of how fueling your body regularly impacts your metabolism
  • ​Begun to see first hand the amazing effect of proper nutrition on your body, your energy, your mental clarity, your emotional state and more
  • ​A new appreciation for ALL kinds of foods you may have been skipping or skimping on in the past
  • ​A deep and comforting knowledge that you will NEVER have to diet again!

The PFC Every 3 Online Course!

Designed for those who want to learn our approach without the 4-week detox.

At Disruptive Nutrition, we run a HIGHLY successful coaching program called the 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch.  In this program, we walk with clients on their journey of detoxing their bodies for 4 weeks while learning and implementing our unique approach.

But, after years of success, we realize that not everyone can dedicate 4 weeks to eating really clean on top of everything else happening in life.

So, we listened to our clients' request for a comprehensive, yet less intensive way to learn this life changing concept and still get results.

And the PFC Every 3 Online Course was born!

"This is the ONLY thing I have ever done that truly works...and doesn't leave me feeling deprived."
-Tara C., New York

But the good news doesn't have to be that way!

That's right.  You aren't a victim anymore.

I mean, since when is a deficit a good thing?  But for some reason we think that when we reduce our food intake, or deny ourselves certain nutrients like carbs, that our bodies will do what we want them to do.


When we give our bodies what they want, the right nutrients, in the right portions, in the right frequency, it's amazing how our bodies do for us what we always wanted them to do!

And yes, you CAN boost your metabolism.  How?  BY EATING.

Yup, at Disruptive Nutrition, we eat.  A lot.  And when we do it correctly, we can feel it working, like right away.

Because when our metabolism is firing, we are hungry when we should be, we have more energy and we start to shed unwanted weight.

But when you stop dieting and start boosting your metabolism by fueling your body correctly you can…

  • Lose weight without feeling deprived: Once you know the formula, imagine eating more food than you ever had before, and start losing weight….for good.
  • Kiss sugar cravings goodbye: When you eat correctly and your body is in balance because you are feeding it consistently with what it needs, your sugar cravings become non-existent.
  • Have more energy without needing a Starbucks run: Living life with energy without needing that caffeine burst may seem impossible right now, but once you have it, you won’t ever want to lose it.
  • Feel confident and strong: When you know you are doing right by your body, there is a confidence that comes with that, regardless of what that stupid scale says. What would life be like if you felt that confidence?
  • Have a healthy relationship with food: Imagine never feeling guilty about food again, being able to eat what you want and knowing that your body will continue to work with you instead of against you.
  • Model and teach appropriate eating habits and mindsets for your kids: Creating a new narrative around food, your body and your self worth is not only freeing for you, but imagine the different path your kids will go down if they aren’t a slave to the diet and the scale.

Can you go all morning without eating breakfast?

Believe it or not, that's not a good thing. It means your body has found another way to get nutrients, because it doesn't believe you are going to fuel it the way it needs. So, it stops yelling at your with hunger pains and starts to just feed itself. ​

With nutrients from your muscles.

Want to know what that does?  Yup...slows down your metabolism
    On the left this is me at 30, when I was dieting and fighting a slow metabolism.  The right is me at 44, when I finally stopped depriving myself and started fueling my body with food.
    7 Days to a Boosted Metabolism

    Program Breakdown

    This program down, very specifically the exact meal plan you can implement for 7 days to jumpstart your body into a fat burning machine!

    • Specific Meal Plan: Yup, you are going to eat.  All day...every 3-4 hours in fact.  But don't worry, we will lay it all out for you so there is NOTHING to think about!  The 7 days are completely planned out for you...all you have to do is DO IT!
    • Grocery List: Bring the list with you to the grocery store, have everything you need and start the next day!  We make this as easy as just have to follow along and enjoy the journey!
    • Tips and Troubleshooting: We have tips, resources and troubleshooting guides to cover any issues or questions you may have!
    • Daily Coaching Support: Certified Health Coaches Carrie, Deb and Jess will send you a video each day for tips, support, motivation, encouragement and more!
    • FREE Community: Our Facebook group community of clients and coaches can support your journey every step of the way!
    • BONUS 1:1 Coaching Call!  Get a personalized call with our certified coaches to answer questions and plan for next steps past the 7 days!

    " I LOVE all of the supplemental info, videos the Facebook group and resources - it makes you feel like Carrie and her team are right there and with you every step of the way!."

    -Renata K., California

    Here's What You Get!

    Day by Day Meal Plan

    Introduction: Getting started navigating the course with a step by step tutorial on how to access the content, download materials, ask questions and get the most out of the course!

    Specific Grocery List

    Sustainable Nutrition: This module focuses on WHY dieting doesn't work and how we have been sabotaging our goals by doing things we thought were "healthy." We dig into what to look for in any nutritional program to ensure we can achieve our optimal health and long-term goals. 

    Tips and Tricks

    Blood Sugar Stabilization: This module will give you the background behind blood sugar stabilization so that when you implement the strategies we teach to achieve it, you understand why it is so important and NEVER go back to even thinking that dieting is an approach you should ever attempt again!

    Training Videos

    The Powerful PFC Combination: Now that you understand how important blood sugar stabilization is, this next unit digs deeply into HOW to achieve that consistent stability through your food choices. By eating in the combination called "PFC Every 3" you will allow your body the macronutrients it needs and be fueling it correctly and consistently which will build trust between you and your body. 

    Printable Resources

    Making PFC a Lifestyle: These next lessons will walk you through how to LIVE this lifestyle so it feels natural, simple and sustainable! From knowing your exact portions, to reading a label, how to effectively meal prep, travel and go to restaurants, this module walks you through all the specifics with resources galore!

    BONUS #1

    1:1 Coaching Call with a Coach! (Value $150) We know how powerful it is to have a coach and let's face it, having a personalized coach is expensive but with this program, you get a personalized, one on one call with one of our certified coaches, for FREE!  This is a value, in and of itself that makes this program pay for itself 5 times over!

    Bonus #2

    Bonus Material: A whole module on bonus lessons that weren't part of the original course but we felt were too good to leave out, we talk more about clean eating, provide recipes, help you troubleshoot issues and even dig into one of the most important aspects of sticking with something for the longterm....our mindsets!

    Let me just say it...

    Our approach is the most effective way to adopt a nutrition lifestyle that is simple, sustainable and completely satisfying.  This comprehensive, step-by-step course is for people who want something that works and that they can do for a lifetime. It's for those who want a solution that is easy to learn and that can even be modeled for our kids, too. (What diet can do that?!?!)

    As a result, our clients are building the life of their dreams because they are no longer slaves to the mindsets and actions that were holding them back. When you join as a client of Disruptive Nutrition, you are part of a special squad of fellow "Diet Disruptors."

    Now, here’s the kicker.

    I want you to feel totally confident in signing up for this. Enroll now, get access for two days to the program layout, the information and the resources.  

    If you don’t feel like this will get you well on your way to effectively shifting your approach to your nutrition, your body image and your mindsets, just let me know by emailing me directly and I’ll return back your investment.

    Real Results From Real People
    I loved this course and learned so much about how our body works! It’s made me rethink my nutrition in a whole new way.

    The whole ‘vibe’ I got from the course felt great - encouraging, positive, manageable and friendly. The coaches were uplifting and, explained things in a way that was simple and encouraging.

    It motivated me to think about food and health of my body in a very different way.

    Oh, and I love that I could access it on my phone wit the app!"

    Rachel M., Scotland UK

    "The sequence of topics  in the course were well organized in a way that understanding the concept of how to boost my metabolism  was simple!  

    The daily info and the guide were presented in a step-by-step way, not overwhelming with too much information all at once. 

     Also the format of a mixture of videos, readings and downloadable materials made it interesting and easy to understand! 

    Each day I knew what to do and how to do it!"

    sonah p., connecticut, USA
    "It was really fantastic!! It went way above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much!!!

    You really make anyone feel that they can do this lifestyle. 

    By saying "food should never make you feel guilty" really took me back. It made me smile and think you are absolutely right! 

    You made me believe that there is no "messing up" and that if we eat a little less strict we can just get on track with our next meal.

    This is life changing. Thank you so much!"

    tara m., pennsylvania, USA
    Tara K, New Jersey
    LIz V.,, New York
    stacey I., washington

    "I got to be honest, I didn't believe Carrie at first when she said that I, at 50 years old, could boost my metabolism. I thought I was just a victim of getting older and this would be the way it was.  But I LOVE when my stomach grumbles and I look at the clock and realize it's been just over 3 hours since I've last eaten.  I smile and think, "It's working! I have jup-started my metabolism.  It's amazing,"

    -Michelle K, California

    Deanna, after 6 weeks

    Bryon, after 4 weeks

    Suha, after 4 Weeks

    Deanna, after 6 weeks
    bryon, after 4 weeks
    Suha, after 4 weeks

    Sounds Great, Right?

    When you enroll NOW, you will be on your way towards a boosted metabolism in just minutes!

    Because I'm passionate about helping you crack the code and take the mystery out of all that crazy nutrition information out there, you can grab access to this life changing course for an unreal low price!

    Program Value: $297

    ReGISter NOW and SAVE MORE THAN 90% with our limted time offer
    Hurry!  This deal ends soon!!!

      "I am down 18 lbs...despite drinking and eating through the holidays and lack of workout.  
      It's like magic."

      -Sandrine S., Connecticut

      Q. What makes this so different then all the other diets or programs out there?

      A. Good question! We are literally the ANTI-DIET. You will learn how to eat what I call "healthy" AND "correct" and that makes all the difference. Unfortunately, if we don't know how to eat the right foods in the right combinations at the right frequency, we aren't nourishing them the way they need, and as a result, our bodies don't do for us what we need and want.

      I think about my client Nicole who worked with TWELVE nutrition coaches before me and knew how to eat clean and balance her macro nutrients so thought she was eating "healthy" AND "correct" already. But when I shifted her approach with some key tweaks, it make ALL the difference and literally NO ONE had taught her this before. She not only lost more than 13 pounds in a month but months after her "launch" to a new lifestyle, her metabolism just keeps boosting. She was completely blown away.

      You will learn how to eat so that you are FUELED and therefore you will eat more than you thought you could...and the way that I teach you how to do that is so streamlined and simple, that your kids can even do it. There are NO calories to count, points to keep track of or even the need to track your intake for the day.

      Q. What will happen once I sign up?
      A. The magic of the internet will bring you immediate access to the program!  Right after registering, you will have access to our learning portal (which you can also access on our app!) and you will be able to dig into seeing how the whole program is organized.  

      You will also receive an email from me with next steps that include downloading the guide with the full plan, grocery list and preliminary info.  To make it really easy, once you login to the learning portal you will see a video from me with what to do too!  

      Once you decide your what day your "Day 1" will be you will let us know by filling out a quick form and I will send you daily emails based on that date with tips, encouragement and more resources!

      The day before you start you will make sure you have everything you need from the grocery store or online orders.  Each morning for 7 days, we suggest you watch your mini-lesson in the portal and review the guide.

      Q. Will my doctor approve this program?
      A. With any program, we first of all suggest checking with your medical professional before starting.  You can let them know that you will be fueling your body with clean proteins, fats and carbs in appropriate portions and balance throughout the day.  This is not a diet and it is not keto or fasting, which most doctors don't recommend!  We have actually coached many health professionals including doctors, trainers and health coaches who LOVE what we teach and how we teach it!

      Q. Can you guarantee results?
       A. While we can't guarantee each person's results, we know that this formula, which incorporates the science of blood sugar stabilization, is what all our bodies need and most client report increased energy, weight loss, reduced cravings, better skin and more!  Results are different for everyone and the biggest variable is TIME.  For some people their metabolism seems to jump start right away and for others it takes longer.  It depends on a variety of factors like age, hormones, dieting history and more.  These 7 days, however,  will set a foundation for a new relationship and trust with your body, which is exactly what it wants to be able to boost that metabolism!

      Any other questions? Email us at

      "Disruptive Nutrition is incredible and really breaks down the information into a concise, easy to understand program. I was thrilled with how much I learned about food, the body and how it all works together…and shocked by all of the things I never knew, and would have never known if I hadn’t taken the course. In just one week I’ve lost 5 lbs, am full of energy and I can FEEL my metabolism getting faster! I can’t believe how easy it was. I’m a believer and will NEVER diet again!!!"

      -Terry V, Michigan

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